Litigation might sound scary, but there are many cases where it’s an extremely effective means to amicably settling a divorce. For example, in a divorce where there’s a low level of conflict, you and your spouse can negotiate all the terms of the divorce directly between yourselves and then one of you can hire me to write up the paperwork. Unlike mediation, however, where both spouses are my clients, in a litigation model I can only represent one spouse.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where a higher level of conflict exists and the two parties cannot work together. That’s when a judge is needed to make decisions, either on a temporary basis or after a trial. My approach to traditional litigation is to seek the lowest level of conflict that is appropriate to the case. This approach helps to keep costs down and emotions level.

How do we do that? If possible, I will work with opposing counsel to streamline the exchange of financial information and resolve as many differences as possible out of court. If we can’t negotiate for whatever the reason, it’s always my goal to move the case as quickly and efficiently as possible towards a motion hearing or a trial and keep an open dialogue with your spouse’s attorney. In fact, it is not unusual for a case to follow these two tracks at the same time–working toward an out-of-court settlement but also preparing for trial if settlement is not reached.

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